Chained Echoes Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC (2024)

Basic Guide and FAQ

A basic guide for the most common system mechanics found in the game meant to help players being able to quickly look up info along the way.

Battle System: Basics

Makes the selected party member do a regular attack against a single enemy. Restores 10 TP.

Makes the selected party member execute a skill they learned and set in the main menu.
Using skills costs TP. The cost amount per skill is displayed right next to the skill type and name in yellow.

Offensive skill that deals physical damage to one or multiple enemy targets

Offensive skill that deals magical damage to one or multiple enemy targets

Supporting skill that adds at least one buff to one or multiple party members

Supporting skill that adds at least one debuff to one or multiple enemies

Supporting skill that increases one or multiple party members' stats or adds at least one stat regenerating buff

Unique skill that varies in effect

Makes the selected party member use / consume an item from the party's inventory.

Makes the selected party member defend. Reduces incoming physical and magical damage until their next turn by 50%. Applied on top of Overdrive modifiers. Moves the overdrive cursor backwards.

Switches the selected party member with the one in the back row. The switched in member can then use all of their available options except switching out again. Moves the overdrive cursor backwards. You can only switch members that are in the same row. Which member is in which row is changeable in the main menu under "Formation" and switchable members are indicated with a chain icon between them. In battle, the formation is displayed in the Party Info section on the bottom right of the screen. Unconscious party members cannot switch. The switched out party member retains all of their buffs and debuffs and durations are paused until they are switched in again.

To switch, press the button during a party member's turn. A summary of the member to be switched in shows up. Press the button again to confirm the switch.

Exits the battle and returns the party to the map outside of the enemy's range. The encounter is reset, which means:

  • Enemy formation resets regardless of which or how many enemies were defeated
  • Enemies fully recover
  • Drops received during the fight are lost

Some battles are not escapable.

Ultra Move
Executes the selected party member's Ultra Move. The details of the Ultra Move are different for each party member. Depletes the entire Ultra Move bar.
All actions except Switch and Escape immediately increase the Ultra Move bar slightly upon use.

Turn Order
Turn order indicates the order of the party members and enemies in battle from left to right. The currently acting party member or enemy is displayed on the leftmost and highlighted with a banner labeled "Act". The party member or enemy who acts after that is labeled by "Next". The following party members or enemies are taking turns in order from left to right.

The party member who is currently acting is highlighted with a yellow ring around their battle sprite and their name is displayed above the action menu.

Enemy Status
When targeting an enemy during battle after selecting an action, their status containing useful information gets displayed.

The enemy's name, displayed on the top left

The enemy's type, displayed on the top right

The element the enemy has highest resistance against

The element the enemy has lowest resistance against

The enemy can be stolen from once using a party member's skill

The enemy can be canned by a specific character's "Uncanny Encounter" skill

A red X indicates that the enemy is not affected by any action influenced or influencing that enemy property.

Additionally, the currently targeted enemy has their name and HP bar displayed above them.

Battle System: Overdrive
The Overdrive bar controls the flow of the battle. The bar consists of the title "OVERDRIVE" or "OVERHEAT", an icon on the left and a bar separated into minimum 3 segments with different colors. Within that bar, the player moves forward or backwards during the battle, depending on their actions, indicated by a white arrow.

A battle always starts in the Neutral (yellow) zone.

The bar is separated into three segments.

Neutral (yellow)

  • All party members deal and receive 100% damage
  • All skills cost the 100% the amount of TP

Overdrive (green)

  • All party members deal 125% and receive 85% damage
  • All skills cost 50% the amount of TP

Overheat (red)

  • All party members deal 100% and receive 125% damage
  • All skills cost 100% the amount of TP

The player ideally wants to stay in the green Overdrive zone as much as possible. When a party member or enemy attacks or uses a skill, the player's cursor on the Overdrive bar moves to the right. Specific actions move the cursor to the left. ⠀ ⠀ Before confirming an action, a second smaller arrow will show up on the Overdrive bar previewing the position the cursor will be in when confirming it.

Actions that move the cursor forward

  • Attack
  • Skills
  • Enemy action

Actions that move the cursor backwards

  • Defend
  • Switch
  • Ultra Move
  • Some skills
  • Some items
  • Skills with the corresponding Overdrive icon type

When entering Overdrive or Overheat, an indicator will show on the center of the screen with a sound informing the player.

Once leaving the Neutral zone, the icon left to the Overdrive bar changes from a gray lock to a display of a skill type with a number.

During a party member's turn, any skill matching its skill type with the type displayed in the Overdrive bar will be displayed in yellow.

When using a matching skill type, the player's cursor on the Overdrive bar moves backwards a large amount.

The number on the icon indicates how many player turns this Overdrive skill type icon will be displayed. When reaching 0, the type changes to a random other type.

Using a matching skill also immediately changes the icon to a different type, unless the skill used this way moves the player cursor into the Neutral zone.

Battle System: Sky Armor Battles
Sky Armor battles behave like regular battles, with some differences regarding the Overdrive system.

There is no Overdrive Zone, only Neutral and two Overheat zones to the left and right end.
The player starts in the middle of the Neutral Zone. The skill type icon is always locked.

Combat Actions
Above the Combat Actions menu there is a spinning cogwheel and a number labeled "Gear".
The battle always starts with all party members in Gear 1.

Switching Gear
Once per turn, a party member can switch gears.
Switching order is always Gear 1 → Gear 2 → Gear 0 → Gear 1

Gear 1

  • All party members deal and receive 100% damage
  • All skills cost 100% the amount of TP
  • All party member actions except Items and Defend move the
  • player cursor on the Overdrive bar forward
  • Defend moves the cursor backwards

Gear 2

  • All party members deal and receive 125% damage
  • All skills cost 125% the amount of TP
  • All party member actions except Items and Defend move the
  • player cursor on the Overdrive bar backwards
  • Defend moves the cursor forward

Gear 0

  • All party members deal and receive 100% damage
  • No skills are available
  • Every party member action recovers 60TP for each attack,
  • defend and item use.
  • No party member actions move the player cursor on the
  • Overdrive bar in either direction

In Chained Echoes, a traditional Character Menu does not exist.
Information about party members is displayed where that specific information is relevant.


Health Points, a party member's vitality. When it reaches 0 in battle, the character becomes unconscious.

Tactical Points, the resource you spend for executing active skills in battle.

Attack, affects the power / damage of the party member's physical attacks in battle.

Magic, affects the power / damage of the party member's magical attacks in battle.

Defense, affects the power of reducing incoming physical damage for that party member in battle.

Mind, affects the power of reducing incoming magical damage for that party member in battle and the strength of the party member's healing magic.

Agility, affects the party member's acting frequency during battle.

Critical Hit %, affects the chance to land a critical hit during a party member's attack in battle.

Each resistance affects the incoming damage the party member receives from attacks of that element. Positive values decrease the incoming damage, negative values increase it.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Darkness
  • Light

SP: Skill Points available for this party member
GS: Grimoire Shards available for this party member

The total amount of acquired Grimoire Shards are displayed under the Stats section of the main menu. This is equal to the total level of your party member's total level, considering you made use of all GS for each one.

Skills & Progression
Acquiring a Grimoire Shard (GS) allows all party members to make use of it. Each GS grants an additional skill for you to unlock in the "Learn Skills" menu.

Action Skills
These skills are usable in battle and cost TP to execute. These skills are mostly unique to the respective character and have to be equipped.

Passive Skills
These influence battles by providing character-specific effects but do not consume TP and don't need to be activated by the player, but like action skills have to be equipped.

Stats Booster
These are bonus stat increases you may choose instead of an action or passive skill and applied automatically upon unlocking them.

Unlocked skills or stat boosters are marked with a star.

Skill Levels
Each action and passive skill's effects are separated into three levels. Upon unlocking a skill it starts at level 1. Over time, the levels gradually increase in level and become stronger or get reduced TP cost or both.

Leveling Skills
When in the Set Skills menu, you can spend a party member's acquired SP to increase a skill's level by pressing the assigned Level up button. A skill is MAX level upon reaching level 3 and marked with a star.

Class Skills
Unlike Character Skills, class skills can only be equipped in the separate panel labeled "Class ACTION/PASSIVE Skills", but regular skills can be assigned to class skill slots. Once maxing a class skill, it can be equipped in a character skill slot as well.


Each party member can use a specific type of weapon unique to them. Weapons grant flat stat boosts to the party member's attributes.

The weapon categories are:

  • Swords
  • Spears
  • Bows
  • Rapiers
  • Guns
  • Amulets
  • Gunspears
  • Katanas
  • Great Swords
  • Knuckles
  • Anchors
  • Cards

Each party member can use specific armors. Usually, a character can wear armor from multiple categories. Armors grant flat stat boosts to the party member's attributes.
The armor categories are:

  • Light Armor
  • Heavy Armor
  • Clothes
  • Robes

Each party member can wear one accessory. Aside from stat boosts, each accessory additionally grants a passive skill that does not need to be equipped in the Set Skills menu.

Class Emblems
Each party member can wear one class emblem. Aside from stat boosts, each class emblem also grants two additional active and passive skills which then can be equipped in the Set Skills menu.

Enhancing Equipment⠀
At an anvil, via the "Upgrade Armor" and "Upgrade Equipment" menus, you can enhance equipment to better versions. Each weapon and armor is enhanceable twice, indicated through a + and a ++.

In order to enhance weapons or armor, you need to provide the resources listed under "Required Material" and the amount of money specified.

Crystal Slots
Additionally to flat stat increases, each weapon and armor upgrade also adds an additional crystal slot to it, allowing you to put larger or more crystals into them.

Crystals enhance weapon and armor abilities by providing additional passive skills to the party member using equipment with crystals in it. They can be very powerful and easily turn the outcome of a battle when set up right beforehand.

Crystals come in 4 types:

Grant passive skills that give bonuses on attributes or bonuses for wearing the equipment

Grant passive skills that enhance physical and magical attacks by adding properties, increasing their power or inflicting status effects

Grant passive skills that enhance defense by adding properties, increasing attributes, resistances or status effects

Grant passive skills that greatly vary in effect

Crystals come in 2 variations: Natural and artificial.
Artificial crystals are marked with an asterisk (*) in front of the crystal's name.
When fusing crystals, the resulting crystal will always be artificial. Artificial crystals cannot be used as fuse crystals, only base crystals.

Each crystal comes with a random purity level (P) to it. The higher the purity, the better crystals you can fuse with them.

The crystal's rank is shown through roman numerals next to its name. It ranges from I to X, with X being the maximum rank a crystal can have, regardless of purity or size.

A crystal's passive skill becomes stronger with higher rank, in total 3 levels per skill. The required ranks for each level are:

  • III: Skill level 1
  • V: Skill level 2
  • X: Skill level 3

Each crystal comes in a random size between 1 and 3, indicated by small circles representing the amount of slots a crystal needs in an equipment piece. The smaller the size and the higher the purity the better the crystal is for slotting and fusing.

Fusing Crystals
You can combine / fuse crystals with the same passive skill on them.

When combining a crystal you choose a base crystal and a fuse crystal with purity (P) above 0 for either and confirm the fusion.

Only pure crystals can be used as fuse crystals. Artificial crystals (marked with an asterisk (*) in front of the name) can only be used as base crystals.

After fusing two crystals, the resulting crystal:

  • Will have the purity of the base crystal minus 1 (e.g. P3 -> P2) regardless of the fuse crystal's purity.
  • Will have the sum of both crystal's rank (e.g. III + IV = VII)
  • Will be the average size of both crystal's size (e.g. * + *** = **)
  • Becomes an artificial crystal

Adding / Removing from Weapons / Armor

In order to add a crystal into a weapon or armor:

  • The crystal needs to be rank III or higher
  • The equipment needs to have the amount of crystal slots available / free for the crystal's size to fit

You can set multiple crystals into the same piece of equipment as long as the above requirements are met.

When removing a crystal from a piece of equipment, the crystal:

  • Will get a purity of 0 (P0)
  • Will get a size of 3 (***)

This means that once removed from equipment, artificial crystals can not be fused anymore and only set into other equipment again but now use up 3 crystal slots.
When removing a pure crystal from a weapon, it can not be used as a base crystal for fusing anymore, but as a fuse crystal.

Deals are unlockable by selling loot at a vendor.

Specific combinations of loot unlock new deals. Once you sell one of the loot required for a deal, you will get a notification informing you that new deals are available.

A deal's description tells you what you will get in return, more or less precise.
Each deal shows which required loot you already sold at a vendor and which you still need to sell to unlock the deal. Additionally, the amount of money you need to pay for the deal is listed.

Deals are shared between all vendors that offer deals. If you sell loot to one vendor, you can continue selling loot and buy the deal at a different vendor.

Map & Fast travel
Use the map of your current location to get an overview. The map also displays fast travel crystals and exits as well as quest markers for your convenience.

Map Information
To display location info for exits on your map, toggle them using the "Show Location Info" button. To display quest info for quest markers, toggle them pressing the button used to display location info again. To hide all info, press the button again.

Fast Travel
Fast traveling unlocks once you find a fast travel crystal.
To fast travel, open the map and then the fast travel menu to select your destination.
You can display quest info on the screen where you select a crystal to travel to.

Reward Board
Instead of getting side quests through NPCs, Chained Echoes has a reward board accessible through the main menu under Journal -> Reward Board, alternatively by pressing L2 / LT / L key while running around.

The reward board displays common tasks found in RPGs and gives you rewards in return. When you enter a new area, the tasks for that area are unlocked on the reward board automatically.

A task shows you its location, what you need to do and the rewards you get for them.⠀
Once you finish a task, the respective task is marked with a red dot on the board.
You can then select it and claim the reward for it.

If at least two completed tasks are adjacent to each other horizontally and vertically, they will form a reward chain. The longest chain you currently have is displayed on the bottom left.

Chain Rewards
Additionally to the task rewards, you get rewarded for making your reward chain longer. You can access the Chain Rewards with the "View Chain Rewards" button.

Which button does [thing]?
On your controller press [Start], on your keyboard press P. This will bring up the Pause menu and show all your currently mapped buttons and what each button does.

Are there missables?

What are SP? How do I use them?
You gain Skill Points (SP) from battles. SP is automatically applied to a party member's equipped skils ("Set Skills" menu) but also additionally added to their separate SP pool. You can then spend SP to level up skills in that menu to make them stronger. Don't sit on 999SP! Spend them!

What are these weird circle + arrow markings on the ground?
Each circle points at a hidden treasure's location with an arrow. If there is more than 1 arrow on a circle, only one points into the right direction, the others are fake. There are at least two circles on a map. Find the spot where both circles directions cross and press the action button. A hidden treasure lies there and you'll receive it.

Can I respec / reset skills?

These ghosts are weird! What do I do?
The first attack you do to a ghost grants them a buff that makes them immune to that type of attack. They can become immune to physical or magical damage, but not both.
In order to defeat them, attack them with one type of attack, then defeat them with the other type.

I can't access this location! I tried everything!
Continue the game, you will unlock ways to traverse maps differently and access new parts of the game this way.

How does Sienna not get caught by the man having dinner?
In the part of the town, go to the very right of the map behind a house.

Where is the Phioran couple?
The wife is to the south of Basil at the lighthouse. The husband is outside of Farnsport, to the south, you exit Farnsport to the north, head right, jump into the water and follow the river. He'll be swimming there.

What is Hate? Why is this enemy only attacking the same party member?
It's this game's aggro mechanic. The more damage a party member does to an enemy the more hate they have against the party member and the likeliness of the enemy attacking them is increased.

What does "Aggressiveness" mean in the options?
This option affects how often enemies use skills instead of regular attacks.

How do I get to the Phyon Oasis?
On your controller press [Select], on your keyboard press K. You will enter your airship. The Phyon Oasis is northeast of Farnsport, in the desert.

From: AbitofBaileysDec 9, 2022


Transcribed Tooltips

Transcription of all the tooltips in the game. I'll add more as I see them.

Battle Basics I-II
Battles are turn-based. You and your enemies take turns choosing actions.

The order of each turn is displayed in the top right corner.

HP represents your health. If it reaches zero, the character is incapacitated. Tech Points (TP) are a resource used for skills. HP and TP are restored completely after each battle.

The icon next to a skill indicates the type of skill.

Defeating enemies in battle grants you access to different spoils:

  • Loot that can be sold for money or to unlock new Deals.
  • Materials that can be used to upgrade weapons.
  • Skill points used to upgrade skills.

Defeating an enemy will show your loot immediately, but you will not receive it until after the battle.

Overdrive I-V
The Overdrive Bar is the core of the battle system. The bar has three areas: yellow, green, and red, representing the state of the party.

The cursor shows the current position on this bar. Almost every action moves the cursor to the right. The small cursor shows where the cursor will jump to when choosing an action.

When reaching the green area, the party is warmed up and is in perfect synergy. This is called Overdrive. In Overdrive, the party takes less damage, deals more damage and most importantly: only needs to spend half the amount of TP on skills. Always try to stay in Overdrive!

Eventually, the party will reach the red area and become Overheated. This will let the enemy deal massive damage to you. In order to stay in Overdrive, the cursor must be moved back to the left. This can be done with one of the following actions:

  • While in Overdrive or Overheat, an icon will appear in the box left of the bar. This icon represents a skill type. The number next to it shows how many turns the party has before the skill type switches. Using a corresponding skill will make the cursor jump to the left by a great margin. Skills of the corresponding type are also MARKED YELLOW.
  • Switching out characters in-battle. More details later.
  • Use the DEFEND action.
  • Use an Ultra Move. More details later.

Actions move the party's position on the Overdrive Bar. Try to REACH and STAY in the green area.

Overdrive effects: Damage dealt is raised. Damage received is lowered. Skills cost HALF TP.
Overheat effects: Red area of the bar. Raises the damage received. STAY OUT!

Use different options to make the cursor move back to the left.

Character Progression I-IV
After defeating bosses or finishing special tasks, the party will gain Grimoire Shards (GS). Owning a Grimoire Shard is similar to a level up. You can use it to strengthen your characters.

Gaining ONE Grimoire Shard allows ALL party members to make use of it!

In the Learn Skill menu, three types of skills can be learned:

  • Action skills: Can be used in battle by selecting and spending TP.
  • Passive skills: Are automatically active in battle.
  • Stats Boosts: Raises a single stat of a character.

While stat boosts are automatically added to your character's attributes and are permanently active, action and passive skills need to be equipped. This can be done in the Set Skill menu.

You can use SP (Skill Points) in the Set Skills menu to level up your action and passive skills.

By defeating enemies, you can receive SP. Every skill a character has currently equipped will gain SP.

Additionally, every character will accumulate SP that is placed into their own private pool, where you may distribute freely to whatever skill available for that specific character.

Switching Characters I-III
Each of your four characters in the active party can be linked to a reserve character, resulting in a so-called tag team.

In order to link two characters, go into the FORMATION menu and set the characters next to each other. These two characters now share a battle slot and can be switched out freely within battle.

In battle, you can press RB to see the linked character and then press RB a second time to switch out. This does not cost an action. The new character can act immediately.

Having every character in a tag team allows for having up to eight characters taking part in a single battle.

Only characters that are not incapacitated can switch. Incapacitated characters block a slot. Buff and debuff's durations freeze while switched out.

Switching a character has a lot of meaningful uses.

  • It lowers Overdrive Bar (!).
  • It gives access to more skills, which opens up more strategies.
  • If your character is about to run out of HP or TP, they can be switched out and brought to safety.

Occasionally, enemies will use a status effect called "Stagger". Once inflicted, the staggered character will be unable to act until they are switched out.

Ultra Moves
During battle, the Ultra Move Bar will slowly fill. Once full, one of your characters can perform an Ultra Move by pressing RT.

The Ultra Move Bar is automatically filled at the start of a boss battle.

Class Emblems I-II
In addition to weapons, armor, and accessories, characters can equip Class Emblems.

They are bestowed to the party after praying to the Heroes of Leonar statues. Class Emblems provide huge stat upgrades.

Furthermore, every class emblem provides two action skills and two passive skills. These can be equipped in the class skill slots.

The skills can only be set as long as the corresponding class emblem is equipped.

Only exception: once you've mastered a skill, you can set it without having the emblem equipped.

Crafting I-V
Upgrade your weapons and armor by using materials found in chests or dropped by monsters.

Upgrading weapons and armor raises their stats. You can upgrade each piece twice (shown as + and ++).

Additionally, the equipment gains more slots to insert bigger and/or more crystals into it.

Gather crystals with passive skills to set into armor and weapons. For example, you can set an ATK Up crystal into a weapon to have your attack raised while using this weapon. Crystals need to be rank III or higher to be inserted into equipment.

Crystals have ranks. On rank III, the crystal unlocks its passive skill and can be set into equipment. On rank V and X, this passive skill gets more potent. In order to raise the ranks, you need to combine different crystals of the same passive skill.

When combining a crystal, you will choose a Base Crystal and a Fuse Crystal. You can enter any crystal with a purity above 0 (displayed as Purity 1 or P1).

The resulting crystal:

  • Will have the base crystal's purity minus 1
  • Will have the ranks summed up.
  • Will have its size averaged.
  • Becomes an artificial crystal, marked by an asetrisk (*). These crystals can only be used as base crystals and not as fuse crystals.

You can set several crystals into a single piece of equipment. You need to consider the amount of slots on your equipment (shown as empty circles) and the size of the crystal.

Deals I-II
Deals are special offers you unlock by selling a certain combination of items to any merchant.

Once you sell one of the items needed for a deal, you will be notified.
The list under "Deals" show all available deals for which you sold at least one item.

You can check what remaining items you must sell in order to be able to purchase the deal.

Fast Travel
Over the course of your adventure, you will find fast travel crystals. They unlock destinations for you to quickly travel to. Open the map and open the fast travel menu to select your destination. You can fast travel from almost any area in Valandis.

Reward Board
The Reward Board h as several tasks for you to tackle and numerous rewards to earn. When entering certain areas, new parts of the board are unlocked. Each field represents a task. Once the task is finished, you can claim your reward.

Furthermore, finished task fields that are adjacent to one another will make up a chain. You'll earn extra rewards for the length of your longest chain. You can quickly access the reward board by pressing RT.

From: JedoDec 9, 2022


How to Get Sacred Water

There are 12 Sacred Water bottles you can find in Chained Echoes. You require to know that every Sacred Water has a special way of acquiring it. It will take quite much a time if you desire to gather all 12 Sacred Water. Listed below there are explained the special way to find every Sacred Water in Chained Echoes. You can be sure that this guide will help you to get Sacred Water much quicker.

  • Sacred Water #1 - Board Chain Reward
  • Sacred Water #2 - Board Chain Reward
  • Sacred Water #3 - Board Chain Reward
  • Sacred Water #4 - Board Chain Reward
  • Sacred Water #5 - Board Chain Reward
  • Sacred Water #6 - Automatically obtained while completing questline in Farnsport
  • Sacred Water #7 - Central area of Tormud
  • Sacred Water #8 - Leviathan Tunnel
  • Sacred Water #9 - North of the desert in Perpetua
  • Sacred Water #10 - Eastern Platform
  • Sacred Water #11 - Wyrnshire Castle
  • Sacred Water #12 - Organe Grottos (Western Part)

From: SimsonsLoVerDec 28, 2022


Where to Get Dayajir Sky Armor

Dayajir Sky Armor is situated in one of the smaller sized drifting islands of Shambala, however you can just fly there. You will initially require to head to the huge island that controls the central west part of the map. Keep moving northeast and clear enemies on the way when you get there. After you battle 3 gorillas, leave the mechs and jump off the ledge that is right beside the wall-enclosed area where you beat those gorillas. You will land right beside a chest where you can get the frame.

Where to Get Dayajir's Soul
You will require it to totally upgrade your Dayajir Sky Armor if you didn't acquire Dayajir's Soul ahead of time. Dayajir's Soul is offered by a mouse merchant that you can find listed below the Raminas Tower. You will initially require the elevator key (discovered in Nhysa). After you get it, head and backtrack to the basem*nt of the Raminas Tower (the eastern part of Ograne Grottos). Go east and turn south to find the merchant and purchase Dayajir's Soul. When you get both parts, take them to the engine room in The Hooge (east of where the merchants are), talk with the hectic professional, and get Dayajir FD.

From: ZacuLuwJan 10, 2023


Obtaining the Ultimate Weapons and Souls

To create the ultimate weapons in the game it is crucial to possess the rusty version of each weapon and then upgrade them with a Soul of Farnese. Here are the specific locations where you can find the twelve rusty weapons:

  • 1. Sword: Received from Magnolia upon completing the quest "The Maelstrom."
  • 2. Spear: Located in one of the Leonar Temples.
  • 3. Bow: Obtained after finishing the quest "No Place for Happy Ends."
  • 4. Rapier: Found in the library of the Manor in the lake of Rohlan Fields. The key to the Manor can be found on the plateau in the northwest of Rohlan Fields.
  • 5. Rifle: Acquired after Jack finishes cutting trees in the south of the Fiorwoods.
  • 6. Gunspear: Unlocks in a chest located in the northeast of Shambala.
  • 7. Amulet: Discovered in one of the Leonar Temples.
  • 8. Katana: Available for purchase from Norgant after completing the quest "Two Winged Angel."
  • 9. Great Sword: Can be bought from the secret merchant in Ograne.
  • 10. Knuckles: Obtained from the Reward Board.
  • 11. Anchor: Buried in the sand of the Resort Island.
  • 12. Cards: Rewarded by the Adventurer's Guild after defeating all Exotic Monsters.

Souls of Farnese: Discovering Their Locations
To forge the ultimate weapons you will also need the twelve souls in the game. Here are the locations where you can find them:

  • 1. Rohlan Fields: Accessible through the Baalrut Tunnel (refer to the Ultimate Boss guide).
  • 2. Narslene Sewers: Located in the area with the pipes after finding the water handle (refer to the Ultimate Boss guide).
  • 3. Flower Fields of Perpetua: Found in the desert at the very south. Follow the arrows in the sand to locate the marked X.
  • 4. Ryrmeier Castle: Unveil a hidden path by standing on the west wall. Look for a red carpet that leads to the back of the building and follow it eastward until you reach the treasure chest.
  • 5. Phioran Village: Requires the Diving Bell (refer to the Ultimate Boss Guide). Dive into the south west of Arkant to access it. Alternatively, recruit all clan members to enter through the entrance in the south east of Arkant.
  • 6. Reward from completing the quest "A Little Vacation."
  • 7. Purchase from Norgant in Kortara after finishing the quest "Two Winged Angel" and buying the Rusty Katana.
  • 8. Once Hermit's Isle reaches level 4, Bernd will find a cave with a treasure chest.
  • 9. Northwest area of the Arkant Archipelago. Only reachable through flying.
  • 10. Southwest of Perpetua.
  • 11. Once Hermit's Isle reaches level 4, Triony finally catches something. It turns out to be the Soul.
  • 12. Reward Board.


1. Is the NPC for restoring rusty weapons plot locked or is it a side quest?

You must be in the final dungeon, having obtained the gold key and read a book on a shelf that specifically mentions ultimate weapons. Once you have read it, while controlling your airship, head west to find a new floating island where the blacksmith who restores rusty weapons awaits.

2. How to obtain the ultimate weapon?

Reading the book in the library about the ultimate weapons will unlock a new location on the world map. Travel to the far west using your airship and you will discover a small floating island.

3. Do weapon master crystals work in armor?

While you can place them on armor they do not stack if you already have one on your weapon. Generally, status-increasing crystals that enhance your stats such as ATK Up and DEF Up, are stackable.

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Steam Achievements

To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
A Blade RunnerGet all ultimate weapons.
Act RacerFinish act I.
Ahoy ye HeartieJoin the Adventurer's Guild.
Bad MemoriesFinish act III.
Bargain HunterBuy all Deals.
Brutal BattlerWin 200 battles.
Class MasterMaster a Class Emblem skill.
Customer is KingSell 1 piece of crap.
Death to My EnemiesWin 50 battles.
Endangered SpeciesDefeat all Unique Monsters.
God KingSlay the ultimate boss.
Hitchco*ck was RightDisturb 60 birds.
InfleeencerFlee 42 times.
Jack of All TradesMaster all Sky Armor weapons with one Sky Armor.
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